We are the Kings, a family living out our dreams of doing whatever we want…currently traveling the globe with a 8 & 10 year old.

In May of 2010 we sold most of our things in the US, hopped on a plane to Costa Rica expecting to be there for 6 months.   In those six months our minds and attitudes changed.  We no longer wanted to settle for living the ‘American Dream‘ and wanted to pursue discovering the world and the people that inhabit it.  One day we decided to record our journey on this beautiful blog about our extraordinarily normal life trotting around this globe.  We’ve only just begun.

Meet the Kings

S. King | A King's LifeS King is a self-proclaimed idea guru. She has too many.  She loves yoga, chocolate and simply delicious food.   She’s easy to spot, usually wearing an obscenely big hat and a big smile. S is passionate about natural health, food, composting and leading a fulfilled, joyful life. She loves running her businesses, currently HempureCBD
K KingK King is …. I’ll let him write this…..His favorite sport is finding craft breweries in developing countries.  K is an extraordinarily patient father, a true friend to the few that can keep in contact with him and has enough generosity to fill this universe.  (By the way, he didn’t write one single word of his bio).
G KingG King is the first born with a kind heart and an ever increasing energy level.  He is currently 10 yrs old and is a keen observer of the world and people.  He is a seasoned traveler and always knows to look for the mini-fridge when arriving at a new hotel.
I KingMiss I was born in Costa Rica and currently is 8 yrs old.  She naturally captures attention and hearts with her big, beautiful eyes and smile.  Her favorite pastimes are looking adorably cute, reading books, playing with cars and splashing in any water she can find.

I write with the intention of preserving our memories, sorting out thoughts and having a benchmark of just how far we’ve come in the journey of life. I hope that through our experiences you may find some information, inspiration of simple entertainment. It doesn’t matter. This site is for me and others that wish to step of our of their comfort zone to continue to grow, learn and live a passionate life.

The one goal is have is to live a passionate life of freedom and choice. This site will constantly be a work in progress with travel updates, articles on what we do, how we live, what we believe and how we are fulfilling our dream of calling all the shots.

Inspiration on living life to the fullest while traveling the globe with a 8 & 10 yr old. We are defining what it is to Live like a King: richly, broadly and without the baggage of too much stuff.

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