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Celebrating on Monkey Beach, Penang

Admittedly, we have a lot of fun experiences, maybe more than the average family. Our most fun experiences are shared with others. Meeting other travelers or locals transforms a time that would have been simply memorable to extraordinary. The energy level of our meet up in Penang was immense. We traveled to Penang to meet […]

The Post-Vacation Slump

Don’t feel sorry for us. We’ve just returned from a kickin’ 2 week vacation of constant socializing with other traveling families, exploring, talking and new experiences. But we’ve been suffering from a serious case of recuperation. We’re not sick, but we are dragging with the post-vacation slump. The kids are not themselves and Mr. King […]

A Sea of Foam Party @Hard Rock Hotel – Penang

Experiences bond. Strange and fun experiences bond better. What else, besides attending a foam party, could break the ice better for a group of eight families that have all converged on the island of Penang in Malaysia? This week, we’re in Penang meeting up with several traveling families for a week of fun.  Starting with […]

The Perfect Storm in Penang

As I sit in the 9th floor apartment overlooking the ocean, I’m exhausted. My head leans back against the couch and I watch the dark storm clouds creep their way towards shore, the wind picks up so fiercely that it whistles and the rain, which just started, is pelting down. This is a powerful storm. […]

Eye candy.

I found a rare, beautiful orchid in KL

The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park was exhuasting, but after having a little snack, we were in the mood for a little bit more. Across the street is the Orchid Park, which is free to enter. Inside, I found a bounty of orchids, but one very special one that I think is a rare treat. Here […]

I call these my smoothie birds: Vibrant and Green.

Exotic Breakfast & Exotic Birds in KL

I took a quick poll on our Facebook page to see what Mr. King should eat for breakfast. He dutifully had all the options. Included on his plate was sushi, miso soup, roti canai (an Indian flat bread), Malaysian pau (a puffy and chewy steamed rice bun), Indian dahl, an omelet and a croissant. That […]

The thrill of escalators.

The Joy of Escalator Riding

There were many shouts of joy when they spotted the first one and it never diminished. My children are 4 & 2 years old. Discovering places with us, they feel our sense of adventure and it doesn’t matter where we are as long as there is adventure for them as well. In Kuala Lumpur, the […]

Petrosains Discovery Center - Kuala Lumpur

Petrosains Discovery Center – Kuala Lumpur

Traveling with toddlers changes travel. It’s the truth and we’re realizing that 2 toddlers in tow creates for more, eh hem, “opportunity” to experience attractions that we’d most likely skip. (Babies are so much easier to travel with.) Take for instance the Petrosains Discovery Center. Located inside the Suria KLCC Mall, it would not be […]

Petronas Towers at night

Discovering Kuala Lumpur

The newly installed alarm clock app on our iPad successfully went off at 3:30am. That means I set it correctly. Mr. King had no faith though and barely slept through the night thinking we’d wake up late and miss our early morning flight to Kuala Lumpur. We’re doing a visa run, having a little vacation […]