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Preparing for Nyepi in Bali

Yesterday there must have been 100 incense sticks sending their dancing plumes into the air around our home. The fragrant softness that is now familiar brings a sense of calm energy and reflection in the space, causing you to inhale the aroma and enjoy it fully. The offerings, each one made by hand from local […]

What day is Christmas?

We’re celebrating our 3rd Christmas overseas, this time in Bali. You’d never know that it’s Christmas time. The sun is as shiny and warm as ever. The blue pool calls our name every morning for a swim. There are no decorations around town that would hint that it’s December and we should be buying gifts […]

Matching Men.

Temple Ceremony in Ubud

When our nanny, Jero, offered to take us to a temple ceremony in Ubud we had to say yes. I was curious to experience the ceremony, but I really wanted to wear the beautiful clothes that are required for entry. We were in for a treat! Ceremony is the lifeblood of the Balinese culture. Bali […]

Barong, freaking G out!

Celebrating with the Gods: Galungan in Bali

The Balinese gods are visiting. Every 210 days the Balinese gods visit Earth and leave 10 days later on Kuningan, the last day of the holiday. Galungan begins one of the most important religious ceremonies in Bali. Balinese Hindus honor the creator of the universe and the spirits of their ancestors. Business stops and schools […]

Elephant painting

Celebrating “4” at Elephant Safari Lodge

“It’s my birthday. I’m going to ride elephants. And eat ice-cream. It’s my birthday.” My boy sings, he’s excited and he’s back. He deserves this. Our ease into living in Bali was tormented by a severe ear infection that left him spiritless. The infection spread to the mastoid bone of his skull making his ear […]

Picture of the rich details...

Semana Santa Sawdust Carpets in Antigua

We came to Antigua during one of the busiest times of the year, Semana Santa, to see the makings of the sawdust carpets. Antigua is THE place in Central America to experience the glory of Semana Santa. Semana Santa is Easter Week and the whole town of Antigua enlivens with color, energy and celebration. What […]

A Mayan Family at the party.

Party like a Mayan: Preparing for a Celebration

If you got a chance to party like a Mayan, would you?  We did! Being part of a celebration in another culture is one of the best ways to experience the community and the traditional food. Food is used in every culture to celebrate special occasions. In the Mayan culture, preparing for a celebration is […]