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Beach Time

When to Take a Family Vacation to Nusa Dua

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time around your children, but often that time is not ‘with’ your children. It’s within the vicinity of your child, but the mind is on the anxiety of the daily tasks, ever present email or Facebook. Children sense our distractedness and we deny them the one thing […]

My 2 year old can out-snorkel you

I’m not joking. I’ll place bets on it. My 2 year old can and will out snorkel you. “Hi, My name is Miss I. That’s a picture of me snorkeling in the waters of Menjangan Island in Indonesia. I am ridiculously adorable above and below water. I’m the daughter of a King and by our […]

Pizza at Chillout on Gili Air

6 Great Beachfront Restaurants on Gili Air

We spent 10 days lazying on the shores of Gili Air, eating our hearts out at the many beach front restaurants. Beachfront restaurants are a perfect option for families with small children. Besides having the most splendid views on the island, they are a built in playground for children. Our kids entertained themselves playing on […]

Doing nothing & everything on Gili Air

It’s been a full week on the little island of the coast of Lombok, Indonesia called Gili Air. We’ve spent hours lounging in the shade of a large tree by the ocean, intermittently snorkeling in the clear blue water, eating, talking business, life and love with our friends, the Pearce family. We’re celebrating our 2 […]

Disembarking the fastboat to Gili

Getting to the Gili islands of Lombok

We’re off on an epic 2 week trip starting in the Gili Islands of Lombok and ending of the far away eastern islands of Indonesia to see the Komodo dragons. It’s going to be one heck of an adventure, and a non-preplanned one too. Ever since our backpacking with the kids stint in Belize, we […]

Preparing for Nyepi in Bali

Yesterday there must have been 100 incense sticks sending their dancing plumes into the air around our home. The fragrant softness that is now familiar brings a sense of calm energy and reflection in the space, causing you to inhale the aroma and enjoy it fully. The offerings, each one made by hand from local […]

Lake Brata- Bedugal, Bali

Road Trip to Freezing Bedugal, Bali

We’re freezing. I’m not sure how it can be this cold so close to the equator, but we are wearing the warmest clothing we have, including socks. The view from our not so child or adult friendly cabin is stunning. Lake Bratan has dark waters on this cloudy day and the horizontal line of mist […]

What day is Christmas?

We’re celebrating our 3rd Christmas overseas, this time in Bali. You’d never know that it’s Christmas time. The sun is as shiny and warm as ever. The blue pool calls our name every morning for a swim. There are no decorations around town that would hint that it’s December and we should be buying gifts […]