When to Take a Family Vacation to Nusa Dua

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time around your children, but often that time is not ‘with’ your children. It’s within the vicinity of your child, but the mind is on the anxiety of the daily tasks, ever present email or Facebook.

Children sense our distractedness and we deny them the one thing they are looking for…connection.

Have you been there?

When you notice that, it’s time to get present and reconnect, especially when children are literally asking you to play anything and everything under the sun.

A family vacation creates memories and bonds that last for years and, more importantly, gets everyone in a different state of mind. It’s a precious time.

Last month we took a last minute vacation to Nusa Dua, an area of Bali that has soft sand beaches and luxury resorts. We weren’t looking for culture, we were looking for relaxation in a beautiful atmosphere and Nusa Dua is a perfect spot for that.

Luxury in a Family Room

A quick booking for one of Bali resorts, Grand Mirage Nusa Dua and in less than one hour, we were headed there.

Our room was upgraded to a new family deluxe ocean view room.

Grand MIrage Nusa Dua Family Room

What a great idea to have family rooms! There was a HUGE bed that would fit at least 4 people along with an oversized single bed.

The bed fit both of our children….side ways!

Family room in Grand Mirage

The room is beautifully done and has a soft bird sound as a doorbell. (See more beautiful photos of this resort on Travel with Bender).

And with views like this…

Ocean View Room in Nusa DuaWe were set to enjoy the space and have a great time.

Relaxing & Learning Chess

The Grand Mirage had chess boards set up in the game room and two life size chess boards on the property. We’ve dabbled in learning the game and increased our knowledge and skill. Many thanks to the international travelers that helped coach us.

Playing Chess

We learned that in India, the Bishop is called a Camel and the Rook is called an Elephant.

We fell in love with chess! I enjoyed how international the game is and the logic and skill involved. We are consistently playing chess at home and now watching videos on ChessKid.com.

All that vacation brain power needs some physical balance.

Surfing in the PoolAnd loads of play time on the beach.

Beach Time in Nusa DuaThe resort has a kids club, but my kids find being outside in a less structured environment to be more pleasing to them.

Beach Time
Four days of simply relaxing while at the same time challenging our brain by learning chess (and visiting the swim up bar occasionally).

 G Mirage (6 of 6)

LOVE. Reconnection.

And waiting for the next time….next month!

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