My 2 year old can out-snorkel you

I’m not joking. I’ll place bets on it. My 2 year old can and will out snorkel you.

DSCF4106“Hi, My name is Miss I. That’s a picture of me snorkeling in the waters of Menjangan Island in Indonesia. I am ridiculously adorable above and below water.

I’m the daughter of a King and by our standards, I try just about anything and smile throughout this journey of life.

My parents expose me to ludicrous options that most 2 year olds don’t have, like hiking with Komodo dragons and swimming with sharks in Belize waters.

It’s not something all you ‘normal’ parents would do.

First you’d probably smother your child in so much sunscreen that he’d glow in the dark, and then strap him to the boat, and worry he may wriggle free to jump overboard.

The experience would be remembered as “We’ll never do that again until Little Johnny is 35 yrs old. We were so worried he’d fall overboard, we didn’t enjoy it at all”. Thus, giving Johnny a major psychology complex that his very presence means that noone should smile or have fun because once they do, Johnny will ruin it for everyone.

I may exaggerate, but I’m 2 and my world is my imagination.

Well, my parents are different.

They allow me to find my own edge. They’re cautious, but they don’t fly over me like some helicopter parents I’ve seen on the playground. Whoa! Those parents can bolt faster than Dash in The Incredibles Movie at the sight of Johnny simply lifting his knee to climb the slide.

(By the way, slides ARE for climbing.)

Do you know that even though I get close and peer over the edge of our elevated bamboo fort, they don’t even run over to tell me I’m going to fall? They just let me look over the edge.

Crazy right!? Don’t they know I could fall?

Either my parents have seriously impaired protective reflexes or they trust that the innate self-preservation instincts I was born with haven’t been trained out of me.

I happen to love the water. (No, I did not have a water birth, but my parents let their friends dunk my in a pool when I was 3 months old…a surprise to them and me!)

I learned how to swim before I turned 2 and I’ve been in the water since. I love doing new things. My brother showed me how to do a front flip off the edge, but I’m not ready to try a jumping one yet. I have done a few somersaults into the pool.

I know when I’m ready my parents will watch while holding their breath as I successfully ace my first flip into the pool.

Why? Because they know that it’s a part of my growth and happiness.

They know I love to challenge myself and that I know my own boundaries (even though I’m 2). I know what I am comfortable with and when to ask for help. I have medical insurance. That’s a joke. Did you laugh?

My parents are raising me to find the world a beautiful, exploratory place that should be discovered with curiosity. Their instincts are to allow me to use my instincts and natural talents and desires.

So…I probably can out-snorkel you because I love being in the water and having gazillion fish swimming around me. And my parents allow me to do it.

I’ll be the first one to find Nemo.

Ready, Set, Go!”



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