6 Great Beachfront Restaurants on Gili Air

We spent 10 days lazying on the shores of Gili Air, eating our hearts out at the many beach front restaurants.

Beachfront restaurants are a perfect option for families with small children. Besides having the most splendid views on the island, they are a built in playground for children. Our kids entertained themselves playing on the beach while we talked and waited for our meals.

There are many possibilities for beachfront dining on Gili Air and we wish we could have visited more. Most, if not all of these restaurants, have a fish barbeque available for dinner.

Here are the beach front restaurants we recommend on Gili Air.

1. WiWin Restaurant

Wiwin is just north of the main area of town and has great pillow seating at low tables that sit oceanfront. It’s the least expensive restaurant that we ate at and had a large selection of local dishes, pizzas and great fruit juices.

Wiwin seating along the beach.

Wiwin seating along the beach.

The staff is really nice and the soft music makes it a perfect spot for a meal at dusk. Most dishes are $2-4 (20,000-40,000 rph) and the delicious fresh juices are the cheapest on the island at 10,000 rph ($1). Tea and coffee are 6,000 rph and a margarhita pizza is 25,000 rph ($2.50). Fresh coconuts are available here.

A meal for a family of 4 was typically under 100,000 rph ($10 US)

Perfect spot at dusk.

Wiwin: The perfect spot at dusk.

WiWin Restaurant

Must order: Good pizzas and excellent local food. Try the nasi goreng (fried rice) and the Lombok dish olah olah.

Dishes to Skip: Do not try the special recipe ‘burger’. This is not what you are expecting! It’s more a beef flavored fritter, bathed in egg and flour and then deep fried and placed on a bun.

2. Chillout

The Chillout Restaurant is in the main restaurant row and has great, raised dining platforms on the beach and under large thatched roofs. They have great burgers ($4, 40,000 rph) and pizzas here. We liked the pizza here the best. They also have a great happy hour of 2 for 1 cocktails (40,000-60,000 rph) and make fresh margaritas.

Pizza at Chillout on Gili Air

Pizza at Chillout on Gili Air

The tables are comfy with huge cushions. This would be our favorite place is they expanded their dessert options. Currently, they only offer Indonesian desserts: Banana pancakes and fritters.

ChillOut Restaurant

Must order: Battered Potato Crisps!  Loved these!  Round sliced potatos that are battered then fried and sprinkled with a mix of fresh herbs. They are so good, I had to order them each time we ate here.

Dishes to Skip: Actually, we all liked our food here each time we ate.

Cost for a family of 4: 180,000 rph ($18), including drinks.

3. Blues Corner

This was the first restaurant that we stopped at for lunch and ate a delicious 18″ baguette sandwich. It was more than enough to share between 2 people for 40,000 rph ($4). Blues Corner serves a strong and sweet Lombok coffee for 5,000 rph and the guys that work there are sweet with beautiful smiles.

Blue Corner, Gili Air.

Blue Corner, Gili Air.


Must order: Huge Baguettes!

Blues Corner has great music at night and fantastic cocktail specials for 35,000 ($3.50 US). You can order this drink, called the Pink Pussy:

The Pink Pussy at Blues Corner.

The Pink Pussy at Blues Corner.

P.S. The snorkeling is the best in front of Blue Corner and WaterFront.

4. WaterFront

Waterfront is attached to the lovely Waterfront Bungalows where we stayed for the week and next to the Manta Dive Resort. We ate breakfast here every day. Great eggs!  We also ate plenty of lunches and dinners here as well. Great burgers, nasi goreng and a nice red curry. Prices are 40,000 rph ($4) for most dishes.

The blue cushioned lounge chairs are the perfect place to catch the sunrise.

Sunrise over the mountains of Lombok.

Sunrise over the mountains of Lombok.

Waterfront Restaurant

Must order: Burger & Milkshakes are great here. Good espresso coffee here too!

5. Biba Italian Restaurant

This restaurant was constantly recommended to us for great, authentic wood fired pizzas. The pizzas are wonderfully thin and crispy. We highly recommend! The pizzas come out overflowing the plate and unsliced. I’m not sure if we were supposed to tear at the pizza, but we had them slice it up for us.

The wood fired pizzas come out fast. If you are hungry, order one per person. Small kids split a pizza.

Warning: They are very children-phobic here. The attached resort does not allow children under 12 and before dinner, our children were reminded by their staff to behave themselves. We found it to be odd, but could sense their apprehension for having children at the table.

Biba Italian Restaurant

Must Order: Pizza. Any kind. It’s delicious.

Dishes to Skip: The home made pastas we tried here were not delicate or soft. The ravioli dough was thick and a bit too al dente. The smoked salmon sauce on the gnocchi was too overpowering.

6. Scallywags Organic Restaurant

OUR FAVORITE, despite a few inconsistencies!

There is no doubt that Scallywag’s Organic Restaurant is a popular place on Gili Air. The beautiful white tables and chair on the sand glow brilliantly in the candlelight.

Scallywag's Organic Restaurant on Gili Air

Scallywag’s Organic Restaurant on Gili Air

The great location on the beach and delicious food are all reasons to eat here multiple times. It’s one of the more expensive restaurants on the island. We enjoyed beef fajitas (85,000 rph), seared tuna salad, pasta, and a vegetable skewer barbeque (55,000 rph). The food is double the cost of other restaurants on the island, but the quality is high and the kitchen is immaculate!

Scallywags Organic Restaurant, Gili Air

Scallywags Organic Restaurant, Gili Air


Must order: Have it all! It’s delicious. For dessert order the warm chocolate brownie with mint chocolate chip ice-cream!

Dishes to Skip: Gazpacho soup was a watered down tomato juice.

Cost for family of four: 300,000 rph ($30)

We ate at Scallywags multiple times and the consistency varied, but was great overall.

You won’t go hungry on Gili Air!

The surprising thing about this tiny island is the number of great restaurants with so much variety of food. We expected typical local food, and were pleased that international options were available. There are plenty more restaurants to explore on the beach and the interior as well.
There you have it…the beachfront restaurants on Gili Air that we visited and would recommend to eat on your next vacation there!

Have fun and good eats!

If you have any more recommendations…please leave them in the comments to help guide others visiting the island.


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  1. Curtis April 21, 2013 at 10:44 pm #


    Thanks for the tips! We used to love the casual beach restaurants in Costa Rica when we lived there. However, they are not a bargain these days. Costa Rica is expensive. How is the safety and family culture in Gili? We have not been there yet and are always looking for a new destination. Take care.


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