Road Trip to Freezing Bedugal, Bali

We’re freezing.

I’m not sure how it can be this cold so close to the equator, but we are wearing the warmest clothing we have, including socks.

The view from our not so child or adult friendly cabin is stunning.

Lake Bratan has dark waters on this cloudy day and the horizontal line of mist is bisecting the background of mountains. It’s 6:30 am and I’m wearing the clothes that I’ve slept in – a Northface jacket, pants and socks. I wish I had a hat. I’m not sure what the temperature is – but my blood says that it’s about to snow.

Lake Bratan- Bedugal, Bali

Lake Bratan- Bedugal, Bali

I’ve placed the empty coffee mugs under my shirt to warm them up so they don’t cool down our coffee too quickly. Our chocolate, melted from the car, is stiff.

We’re in Bedugal, Bali – our first stop on a West Bali Road Trip adventure.

Not many tourists come up to this way. It’s in the middle of the country, high into twisty roads and a few hours away from the hot spot beaches of the south. Bedugal a nice change of pace from sunny, hot weather to a cloudy mist of mountain.

It’s probably a stiff 60-65 degrees outside. That’s cold to our normal 80-90 degree weather.

It’s cold enough to commit fashion crimes.

Fashion Crime - socks and sandals

Oh, Mr. King…noone can blame you.

Because of it’s cool weather, Bedugal is a haven for farms growing cool weather vegetables and plants, like lettuces, beans and strawberries. The drive is twisty, but both sides of the road offer a stunning view of the small farms that produce a lot of the vegetables that get shipped around the country. We’re here to visit our Organic guy that we buy most of our vegetables from and to pick some strawberries.

Little, organic strawberry. Tasty.

Little, organic strawberry. Tasty.

We had no reservations, but as we pulled into town, a sign for a restaurant/hotel/playground caught our attention and ventured inside. The property sat on the hill overlooking Lake Bratan. Several bamboo huts and wood cabins dotted the hillside, available for rent. The gardens were abundant and had several organic vegetables growing. And the place was a children’s paradise filled with all sort of things for my children to play, jump, climb and bang their heads on. Sold! We booked one night with the possibility of extending another.

We went back and forth on the huge swing that swung over the sloped terrain, making us feel like we were 30 feet in the air.

A bit scary being so high...but fun.

A bit scary being so high…but fun.

We spun around thousands of times with the staff of the hotel on this huge, one of a kind, spinning thingee.DSC02047

And teetered our way into the evening.DSC02060
And also jumped on the in-ground trampoline. DSC02096

The market in Bedugal is filled with the rainbow of vegetables that grow so well here.DSC02077
My children can devour corn on the cob like they’re competing in an eating contest, so we purchased a few ears. Unfortunately, during the rainy season, the corn isn’t sweet. It had no flavor at all, unlike the last time we were here a few weeks ago.

$1 wasted.

(p.s. It is nearly impossible to keep up this blog with ALL of our adventures…check out our Facebook page to get the 85% of the rest of our adventure.)

We strolled the town, which is filled with Muslim eateries and nearly toothless men that spit on the ground. As much as people stared and asked several times for photos of us, they were genuinely kind and welcoming. We spotted a really cool go-kart that G “really, really, really” wanted. A short anger moment in the alleyway of Bedugal… DSC02089…and he decided that maybe we could make one if I could research how to do it. But that he’s also a better researcher so we’re going to need some help. Yes, folks. We have these moments too.

Center of Bedugal, Bali

Center of Bedugal, Bali

We know better than to be out past dark – that’s when all the beggars come out. Whatever your views are on begging, I’m glad you have them. I don’t contribute to it. The lady beggars in Bedugal seemed to be organized, quite social and able to put on the destitute face very quickly. I kindly say No “Tidak” and hope they move on. They are a tireless, persistent bunch.

I want to tell them the wives tale that “If you keep making that face, it’s going to stay that way forever”, but it’s already too late.

We grabbed our food and made a beeline for the hotel to spend the night under the heaviest blanket in Bali.DSC02063

But first, another spin on the spinny thingee.

Why don't kids get as dizzy as adults?

Why don’t kids get as dizzy as adults?

And we are NOT spending 2 nights freezing in Bedugal, Bali.


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  1. Living Outside of the Box March 9, 2013 at 7:42 am #

    Love the spinny thingee photos (the staff on there with you is hysterical, and the spinning shot with just the kids is AWESOME)! So glad to hear that strawberries are available there! We have missed those in Southern Thailand :-(… Hahaa! What a beautiful view, but I don’t blame you for not freezing for more than one night!

  2. Lisa Wood March 19, 2013 at 7:25 pm #

    I never thought of Bali as being cold!!
    The markets look like so much fun, and yeah kids can spin way longer than us – don’t know why!!!
    Incredible to think how cold you are – hope you get warm soon.
    That Hotel looks incredible.

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