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What day is Christmas?

We’re celebrating our 3rd Christmas overseas, this time in Bali. You’d never know that it’s Christmas time. The sun is as shiny and warm as ever. The blue pool calls our name every morning for a swim. There are no decorations around town that would hint that it’s December and we should be buying gifts […]

Balls of sausage

Eating on the Streets of Chiang Mai

A walk around the city of Chiang Mai at any time of the day will reveal several vendors selling their specialty street food. Here’s a small, and I really mean small, sampling of the choices you have when walking the streets of Chiang Mai. I’ll start with what is most common, which is the abundance […]

Feeding Frenzy at Chiang Mai Zoo, Thailand

Chiang Mai Zoo – An interactive festival of feeding animals On a beautiful day in Chiang Mai, we set out to visit the Chiang Mai zoo with 4 other traveling families. I’m normally not a fan of zoos, but admit that the Chiang Mai zoo was one of the most interactive zoos we’ve ever experienced. […]

Three Strikes for Thailand

I’ve always had this incredibly powerful draw to Thailand. I just knew that I was going to fall in love and want to spend the rest of my days drinking coconut water and eating pad thai. The thoughts of eating deliciously spicy food in an exotic landscape for super cheap is appealing. Knowing that a […]