The Post-Vacation Slump

Don’t feel sorry for us.

We’ve just returned from a kickin’ 2 week vacation of constant socializing with other traveling families, exploring, talking and new experiences. But we’ve been suffering from a serious case of recuperation. We’re not sick, but we are dragging with the post-vacation slump. The kids are not themselves and Mr. King and I are barely functional.

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The Low of being High

The post-vacation letdown is a crash into a pit of absent energy. We can barely think and no amount of caffeine or chocolate can excite the neurotransmitters in our brains.

We’re totally burned out. We expected it. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way after you’ve just experienced an incredibly awesome time.

Here’s what we did:

Sanur, Indonesia

  •  Met up with a family from Australia vacationing in Bali.
  •  Spent 3 days lounging on the beach, building sand tracks, and eating hot soup on the beach (which is surprisingly good!)
  •  Had dinner at the Hawker Market in Sanur every night. My stomach was filled with fried food.
  •  Took a Stand Up Paddle lesson in which I lost my bottom, top and nearly my arm.

Penang, Malaysia

  • Met up with 8 other traveling families, some that we’ve known through blogs and some that don’t’ blog (imagine that!)
  • Went to a Foam Party at the Hard Rock Hotel
  • Took a boat ride to a seasonal Macrometic Lake (where salt and fresh water don’t mix, rather they stay separated). Unfortunately, it was dry season so the lake was more of a sulfurous mud pit that we waddled through.
  • Went to a turtle sanctuary
  • Played on Monkey Beach, were we celebrated a 5th birthday for Spencer, swam in the ‘slightly too warm’ ocean. Got out quickly when we realized the monkeys were converging on our picnic tables.
  • Ate “Fairy Cake”, Australia’s staple at every birthday party. Essentially it’s bread with butter and sprinkles. What’s not to like? I’m surprised this isn’t a tradition in America!
  • Experienced the Long Beach hawkers market in Batu Ferrenghi. Some of the tastiest food I’ve ever eaten.
  • Ate Indian food for 4 days straight and never got sick of it.
  • Went to a local mall and bought a hair straightener. Provided that it doesn’t get too humid, expect to see me with beautiful hair in upcoming posts.
  • Slid down incredibly steep slides at Adventure Zone.
  • Discovered that Miss I is relentless and persistent in knowing what she wants. Bought her a pair of princess shoes that were not coming off her feet no matter what I did.
  • Visited the Penang Butterfly Farm
  • Watched Australian films, but fell asleep during the most exciting sections.
  • Spent all day traveling to 3 airports and eating Dunkin’ Donuts.
  • Our airplane got hit by lightening. FLASH! BOOM! But not even a shake or rattle from the plane.

So, see…we are totally burned out and clearly detoxing. Our image of ourselves as 30 & 40 something effervescent energetic beings is being blown to bits. Our brains and bodies are in hibernation. Did you ever have that post-vacation slump?

And despite the vacation let down that is inevitable, we’re a bit addicted to the roller-coaster and are already planning the next destination. Suggestions?

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