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The Roulette of Driving a Motorbike in Ubud, Bali

At first glance, driving in Ubud looks like a game of roulette. In the casino game, numbers spin in one direction while the ball travels in the opposite direction. This analogy is translated literally to driving in Ubud. Cars going in one direction while motorbikes spin around, pass or travel in the opposite direction. It […]

Applause for Life (and Chocolate)

I just got home from a sexy chocolate party at Alchemy, a raw food & juice hangout for all the health food eclectics in Ubud. They were celebrating their one year anniversary and the party was a packed, smashing success. There was dance music, acro-yoga performances, raw chocolate, cold pressed coffee and multi-faceted people expressing […]

Matching Men.

Temple Ceremony in Ubud

When our nanny, Jero, offered to take us to a temple ceremony in Ubud we had to say yes. I was curious to experience the ceremony, but I really wanted to wear the beautiful clothes that are required for entry. We were in for a treat! Ceremony is the lifeblood of the Balinese culture. Bali […]

Special flowers for the offerings.

Kuningan – Life is an Offering

I’m in love with the Balinese Hindu culture. The people themselves are beautiful with celebrity worthy smiles, wide eyes, perfect posture and endless patience. But it’s their reverence to the natural and supernatural world that amazes and endows me with a fortunate feeling to simply be among it. The Balinese are always preparing for a […]

And we got creative too...shot from inside of a carved coconut candle holder.

My super freakin’ awesome Thursday

Days come and go and most of the time I have no clue if today is Wednesday or Saturday. I definitely know when it’s Sunday because that is the day that my cook doesn’t come to work. Today is Thursday. It doesn’t matter to me. The sun rises and sets and it’s a day. What […]