Petrosains Discovery Center – Kuala Lumpur

Traveling with toddlers changes travel. It’s the truth and we’re realizing that 2 toddlers in tow creates for more, eh hem, “opportunity” to experience attractions that we’d most likely skip. (Babies are so much easier to travel with.)

Take for instance the Petrosains Discovery Center. Located inside the Suria KLCC Mall, it would not be on our radar sans children. With children though, it’s a winner. Aside from being 2+ hours of entertainment, tinkering and learning, the place is an air-conditioned refuge from the heat of Kuala Lumpur. And so we entered.

An oil drop roller coaster type ride takes you though a dark tunnel to the beginning of the exhibit. It’s a dramatic entrance that leads to the first area of discovery. (Apologies for the blurry photos.)

Riding an oil drop

Riding an oil drop

The kids went wild running from one thing to touch to another. I’m convinced their brains had happy seizures upon seeing that everything was touchable. Luckily, we had the place nearly to ourselves allowing the children to spend as much or little time at one station as they pleased.

Energy magnet, G.

Energy magnet, G.

They pulled, poked, constructed, destroyed, touched, jumped on and ran around every single attraction. I was most fascinated with the colored shadows and Mr. King and I did a cheesy heart with our 2 hands.

There’s so much to do here I don’t know where to start. The center is sponsored by Petronas, the national oil company of Malayasia. The entire complex is well laid out with a petroleum theme, but not overly propaganda-ish. The explanations of science start from the beginning with fossils (which become oil over time) to geology, speed and molecules. My children aged 4 & 2 weren’t so interested in the science, but they still had a great time racing cars, digging, simulating earthquakes, and learning about pressure.

Digging for black gold...oil!

Digging for black gold…oil!

But this place isn’t only for children. Mr. King and I had a load of fun with the exhibits. We tried speed skiing, race car driving, mind energy experiments and challenged our strength and speed.

Mr. King can beat the high score...or can he?

Mr. King can beat the high score…or can he?

He gave it his full go and…

Mr. King's throw is highlighted. LOL.

Mr. King’s throw is highlighted. LOL.

We even took a break to watch a quick 15 minute 3-D movie about a cute little sea horse. We were warned by another traveling family to avoid the “Dinky Dinosaur” movie, as it turned out to be a scary one. We chose the “Cute Little Sea Horse” one.

Scary as Sh*t for a toddler.

Death, blood, fighting and lots of sharp teeth. The kids kept asking “why, why, why” questions. Like “why did his neck just get cut?” (in 3-D mind you!). Luckily, they were easily distracted when we got out.

"Wow, a huge iPad!"

“Wow, a huge iPad!”

An oil drop ride takes you to the exit through a dark tunnel of overly loud and more stimulating images of Malaysia and the Petronas oil company.

We have to thank the kids for this outing today because we would have missed out on a superb day.  We were exhausted, hungry, happy and…

Glad to have been here.

Glad to have been here.



Price 50 ringgets for a family pass ($17).
Family Annual Passes are 100 ringgets.

TIPS for visiting Petrosains Discovery Center:

  • Eat before you go in. There was not any food for sale when we where there and some of the vending machines weren’t functional either.
  • The Discovery Center has free strollers for rent, which we did. We pushed them around the entire place and not one of our children used them. It’s a nice service though.
  • Be prepared to spend more than 2 hours there. We were having so much fun, we stayed for four hours! We were starving by the end, but it was worth the fun.
  • If you have small children, like mine, SKIP the MOVIE. The titles sound cute, but, trust me, these are full on terror movies…in 3-D!

Fun at the Discover Center

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  1. Erin August 14, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

    hhaha we skipped the movie too on advice. Glad you loved it!

  2. Lisa Wood August 15, 2012 at 3:55 am #

    Oh my kids would so love the discovery centre! Could imagine us having to buy a family yearly pass so they could go whenever they wanted to 🙂

    But gee wonder how the movie is even allowed to be shown? Or is it because we dont have TV we are not used to scary shows?

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