Exotic Breakfast & Exotic Birds in KL

I took a quick poll on our Facebook page to see what Mr. King should eat for breakfast. He dutifully had all the options. Included on his plate was sushi, miso soup, roti canai (an Indian flat bread), Malaysian pau (a puffy and chewy steamed rice bun), Indian dahl, an omelet and a croissant. That is a small sampling of the enormous international fare that The Royale Chulan hotel in Kuala Lumpur had for breakfast.

Awesome breakfast buffet

Awesome breakfast buffet where you had to overeat.

A ride on public transport was next on the list. Master a city by mastering the public transport and you’ll have a cheap way to get to most places. Our back strength was tested as we carried our children in their strollers up and down the flights of stairs to get to the ticket counter, then over to the platform we needed to be on. I was wishing for escalators. You won’t hear me say traveling with small children is hard, but it is more physically tiresome than carrying your own weight.

Elevated train station in KL

Elevated train station in Bukit Bintang, KL

Not surprisingly, the train looked really modern and had air-conditioning! We got a 10 minute ride overlooking various parts of Kuala Lumpur on our way to the Bird Park / Lake Gardens area. There was a station change in the middle of our journey, which happened to be a 15 minute walk away. Definitely not convenient. In the end, we ended up with a taxi since there is no public transport that gets you close to the park. The map looked promising. Oh well. We tried, spent more time searching than we would have liked, but chalked it up to a learning curve.

Finally, we arrived at the Bird Park to find that it was going to be $50 US to for us (and that was with Miss I being free). We were surprised at the cost, but we’re already here and now G is begging to go in…so take my money and it better be worth it. Of course, as soon as we get in, he wants to go out. Birds are flying and walking everywhere. This is an open-air aviary and he’s a little freaked out at how social the birds are.  Some are in cages, but most are not. Peacocks and other strange birds are walking all over.

We call this the "Social, I want your food" bird

We call this the “Social, I want your food” bird

We strolled on the nice paths in the park and saw….lots of birds.


Peacock..just like royalty.

For the most part, the park isn’t very interactive. Our active minds and bodies are growing tired and a little bored in the heat. We sit down for a little recharge and a flock of birds decides to sit with us. Close. They are interested in the oranges we are eating as a snack. A little too interested, even for my comfort. I mean, birds have beaks, and beaks are pointy and hard. I really don’t want to be pecked while having a snack.

Having a snack and being swarmed by hungry birds.

Having a snack and being swarmed by hungry birds.

We walk more, see more birds walking around and some in cages. If it wasn’t for the sheer intense color of these birds this could make for a rather dull day. But the colors are vibrant and intense and these birds are so unusual.

This bird was bright!

This bird was bright!

The second half of the park held the best and only activity in park, which was feeding beautiful birds. For an extra $1, you could feed the most beautiful multi-colored loras.

Best part of the day in KL Bird Park.

Best part of the day in KL Bird Park.

At one point, my arms and shoulders were covered with these birds and their chirping was so loud. I felt like I just won the “bird queen of the day” role. Like most pageant queens though, my role was quickly forgotten as the birds flocked to the next queen paying $1. It was such a highlight I thought about doing it again to be so close to their beauty.

Check out all the colos and patterns on these guys.

Check out all the colos and patterns on these guys.

Mr. King flirted with this one for a while.

Curious at us, like we are at him.

Curious at us, like we are at him.

After this little experience, I would say that the bird park is worth it. I don’t think there is another place where you can get so close to so many exotic birds in a short time frame.

I call these my smoothie birds: Vibrant and Green.

I call these my smoothie birds: Vibrant and Green.

The park is beautifully done with smooth walking paths (great for strollers) and landscaping. There are waterfalls, rivers and bridges to cross. It’s really a lovely place.

What did my kids think was the best part?

Birds? What birds?

Nope. They loved this…

As colorful as the birds.

As colorful as the birds.

At least the park was as colorful as the birds themselves.

Highlight for the kids: the park, of course.

Highlight for the kids: the park, of course.

There is 3:30pm bird show by the park, but we were so tired and hungry we left to grab a late lunch and moved on to the Orchid Park.

Tips on Visiting the Bird Park in KL:

  • Bring a healthy snack. There is not much food to purchase in the park, only food like substances like chips, soda and Ice-cream. If you want something healthy bring it yourself. Oh, they do have fresh coconut water for sale.
  • Bring or buy water. The park is open air, which means hot and humid in KL.
  • Strollers do fine in this park. It’s laid out nicely in 2 big loops with smooth walking paths.
  • Go in the morning to avoid school trips. Managing to make it through the park with your own kids is much easier when there aren’t 50+ kids screaming around you.
  • Take a taxi to it. There is no public transport that run close to the park.


  • Seeing baby peacocks…they really aren’t colorful
  • Feeding the loras…a Must, Must, Must do

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Pictures

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  1. Erin August 26, 2012 at 3:16 am #

    Have you been to the Bali one yet? It also is not that great, but has a great little indoor playground in the restaurant. Best bit is ticket includes next door reptile park, which is very interactive!

  2. Emily August 26, 2012 at 7:45 am #

    Gorgeous birds — wow! Too bad it’s so pricey to get in, but definitely looks like a wonderful day spent.

    • S King August 26, 2012 at 8:56 am #

      The birds were beautiful as was the whole park. I’d say it was worth it!

  3. Lisa Wood August 28, 2012 at 9:50 am #

    They all look so gorgeous! Love the idea of birds flying around, but not the idea of sharing lunch with their beaks!
    Good to hear that its a great place to visit because of their bright colours 🙂

  4. Living Outside of the Box September 5, 2012 at 3:35 am #

    I love the bird-feeding photo with you…gorgeous!
    Hahaha…and OF COURSE the kids are going to like the park best. Silly kids!

    Glad it was worth the money in the end!! And yes…traveling with kids isn’t necessarily “hard”…but it is definitely more physically demanding!

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