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Barong, freaking G out!

Celebrating with the Gods: Galungan in Bali

The Balinese gods are visiting. Every 210 days the Balinese gods visit Earth and leave 10 days later on Kuningan, the last day of the holiday. Galungan begins one of the most important religious ceremonies in Bali. Balinese Hindus honor the creator of the universe and the spirits of their ancestors. Business stops and schools […]

Eye candy.

I found a rare, beautiful orchid in KL

The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park was exhuasting, but after having a little snack, we were in the mood for a little bit more. Across the street is the Orchid Park, which is free to enter. Inside, I found a bounty of orchids, but one very special one that I think is a rare treat. Here […]

I call these my smoothie birds: Vibrant and Green.

Exotic Breakfast & Exotic Birds in KL

I took a quick poll on our Facebook page to see what Mr. King should eat for breakfast. He dutifully had all the options. Included on his plate was sushi, miso soup, roti canai (an Indian flat bread), Malaysian pau (a puffy and chewy steamed rice bun), Indian dahl, an omelet and a croissant. That […]

Recharging Batteries

A little inspiration…it’s all I need. I’ve been ‘in my head’, again. This time with a load of things that range from understanding chakras and a plateful of foreign terms to figuring out how to do a stellar job at re-branding my company. Lots of stuff for a simple brain to digest. But, what else […]

The thrill of escalators.

The Joy of Escalator Riding

There were many shouts of joy when they spotted the first one and it never diminished. My children are 4 & 2 years old. Discovering places with us, they feel our sense of adventure and it doesn’t matter where we are as long as there is adventure for them as well. In Kuala Lumpur, the […]

Petrosains Discovery Center - Kuala Lumpur

Petrosains Discovery Center – Kuala Lumpur

Traveling with toddlers changes travel. It’s the truth and we’re realizing that 2 toddlers in tow creates for more, eh hem, “opportunity” to experience attractions that we’d most likely skip. (Babies are so much easier to travel with.) Take for instance the Petrosains Discovery Center. Located inside the Suria KLCC Mall, it would not be […]

The childish Art of Luggage Riding

Air Travel with Toddlers Made Easy

Getting through an airport can be quite an affair alone, but add two small children and the anxiety level can rise quickly. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that our chosen lifestyle involves lots of travel. We love to discover new places, but getting to them can be tedious. In […]

Petronas Towers at night

Discovering Kuala Lumpur

The newly installed alarm clock app on our iPad successfully went off at 3:30am. That means I set it correctly. Mr. King had no faith though and barely slept through the night thinking we’d wake up late and miss our early morning flight to Kuala Lumpur. We’re doing a visa run, having a little vacation […]