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The peaceful retreat of rice fields and volcanoes of Ubud

First Impressions of Ubud, Bali

Well, I wanted a challenge right? An uncomfortable growth opportunity. We’ve only been in Bali for 2 weeks now and have accomplished a fair bit. We got over jet lag, found a house, moved in, rented ourselves a scooter, hired a cook and have already experienced the town’s peacefulness and chaos. The first few days […]

We walk right past a rice field on the way home

Finding a Home in Bali

We moved to Bali without a place to live. Usually when you move, you know where you are going. Prior to packing up your stuff, you know where it’s going to be unpacked. Not so for us this time. The past two times that we’ve moved internationally, we have rented our homes site unseen from […]

Chasing the sun onboard a 777

Chasing the Sun to Bali

Is it possible to chase the setting sun? I wonder what the numbers would say…can a plane flying at 38,000 feet westward stall a sunset? The wild fire that I observed out of my window was definitely extended. Our Asia experience started upon entering the LAX International terminal. The sea of black hair engulfed us […]