My Green Smoothie Secret

What keeps me so full of energy while dealing with my day to day life of being a mother of two, an awesome wife, a business owner, an avid reader and gregarious socialite? My secret lies in how I fuel my body and mind.

Most days I start with yoga to stretch my body, calm my mind and center by morning. Then I go home for breakfast or a green smoothie. It’s the powerhouse green smoothie that supplies me with the wit and animation to run a business and a family life, all from my kitchen table.

When a new friend walked into my life and I shared a whole blender-full of green smoothie with her, she inspired me to share my green smoothie recipe with all of you. So, thank you Katie Hudson and your beautiful family.

Katie and me enjoying our refilled smoothies.

Katie and me enjoying our second glass of green smoothie.

Drum-roll please……

Green Smoothie Recipe

1 Cucumber
1 stalk of Celery
Handful of Spinach or Kale
Fist full of Parsley
1 cup of fresh Pineapple (if your pineapple isn’t sweet, add honey)
Ginger (as much as you want)
Lime juice (gives it a nice tang)

Avocado (gives the smoothie a rich, smooth texture)
Spirulina powder (my favorite: Healthforce  Vitamineral Green)
Mint (as much as you want)
Flax seed
Bee pollen
Chia Seeds

Put all the ingredients you want in a blender. Add water or fresh coconut water and ice and blend until smooth. Drink and enjoy the energy!

The greener the better! Green Smoothies!

The greener the better! Green Smoothies!

Try different combinations or amounts of each ingredient to suit your taste. My smoothies are never by recipe, only by inspiration and what I have on hand.

I’d love for you to try it and see what you think.  If you have a favorite green smoothie recipe, please let me know about it in the comments. I’m always looking for inspiration.

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