Splishing and Splashing at Bacab Eco Park

Their bags are packed, the sunburned skin has healed (although it’s still peeling) and the Castenadas are ready to go home to Iowa. We’ve had an incredible week of fun, but their flight doesn’t take off until 4pm and it’d be a shame to spend the day just waiting for a flight. After all, we are determined to enjoy ourselves anywhere. So after our night spent at the Belize Zoo, we hopped on the bus and headed towards Bacab Eco Park, a water park and outdoor adventure center north of Belize City.

Unfortunately, there are no consistent buses that run toward Burrell Boom, at least I didn’t find any. But we made arrangements with Bacab and they sent a driver to pick us up at the nearest bus stop in Hattieville, 30 minutes away.

Waiting for our shuttle to Bacab EcoPark

Jessica & Evan waiting for our shuttle to Bacab EcoPark

The pool at Bacab EcoPark is set among beautifully landscaped grounds – over 200 species of tropical flowering plants, towering hardwood trees, palms, and different species of ferns. The greenery of the landscape is a nice balance against the refreshing blue of the two huge pools. We started at the kiddie pool and it was clear that the kids were having a blast. “What an awesome way to end a vacation”, we think as we relax in the shade by the pool while are children are jumping off the mushroom ledges, going underwater and diving with pure joy.

A favorite mushroom umbrella in the kiddie pool at Bacab

A favorite mushroom umbrella in the kiddie pool at Bacab

We had settled all our things under a nice palapa thinking that we’ll probably spend most of our time in the kiddie pool, but off in the distance, a really cool rock waterfall is spotted and the urge to go see it is too strong. We head on over to the ‘big kids’ pool and explore the waterfall.

The rock waterfall is the centerpiece of the pool

The rock waterfall & slide...so much fun!

This rocky ledge became the source of our fun for the next 3 hours. It didn’t take long to spot the stairs leading up the rocks and then the big, natural looking water slide leading down. What fun! We hiked up it, slid down it and jumped off it…over and over and over again.  The best part was that G went down it willingly, went underwater and loved it! I reveled in my son’s breakthrough. Previously, he did not want to go underwater and now he was asking to do it. There was also a really neat cave behind the waterfall which we could jump through the waterfall and into the pool.

The big pool also had a large ledge platform that was only one foot deep with water loungers on it. A perfect place to relax while Miss I splashed around them.

Best water loungers ever!

Best water loungers ever!

We played for three hours before it was time to leave for the airport and say goodbye to our dear friends. The time went fast having so much fun, but it was the perfect way to end our adventure with our friends.


Bacab has a whole list of activities and tours to do besides just the pool. There is horseback riding, kayaking, mountain biking, a butterfly pavilion, nature hikes, and more. We just didn’t have an opportunity to do them on this visit. To learn more, visit the Bacab EcoPark website.


Best waterslide. Very natural looking, super fast, and loads of fun!

Best water loungers. Perfect for sunning and staying cool in the water.

We’d love to visit again and actually do some of the incredible tours they offer. I particularly want to go on the medicinal plant trail and do some horseback riding.

Food: They have a very large open air palapa with a restaurant/bar next to the pool.  You can also have your food and drinks delivered pool side, which we did in order to make use of every minute we had to play. We ordered the King Burger (how appropriate!) which was 2- 1/2 lb beef patties on a bun with the usual burger toppings. We asked for medium, but it was very, very well done. They cooked all the juices right out of that burger, but we ate it anyway. Our friends had the nachos, which were superb.

They also offer lockers to store your things while you are there, and their changing rooms/showers are made to look like a cave with waterfall showers.

TRAVEL TIP: Bacab is a perfect place to spend the morning and afternoon, especially if you’ve got a later flight to catch out of Belize. Come to Bacab, let the kids expend their energy so they’ll sleep on the flight. Go on a few tours and make the most of our your trip to Belize! The airport is a short 10 minute ride away and they would be happy to arrange a ride for you to or from the airport.

Video of our visit to Bacab Eco Park

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  1. Lisa Wood March 20, 2012 at 9:38 pm #

    Sure looks like a great place to take kids! Love the water lounges 🙂

  2. Mary March 21, 2012 at 10:02 pm #

    Fun! I love that you guys were out there having a blast until the last minute!

  3. Rebecca March 22, 2012 at 9:22 pm #

    I love that mushroom umbrella. Looks like you guys had a great time.

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