Our Garifuna Mermaid

Our mermaid running back into the water

Our mermaid running back into the water

We met a mermaid in Hopkins.  She had glorious black skin, truthful eyes and a playful nature.  She jumped in and out of the water effortlessly – like nature had intended her to do.  She danced in the ocean, splashing brilliant Caribbean water into the air. When she surfaced, the sparkles of water droplets beaded on her hair.  She was magical.

The whole place was magical and we could have stayed a while.

Our mermaid had a name that resonated with the ocean waves splashing on shore – Kyshara.
(Say it a few times and you’ll know what I mean).

Watching her play with my son was charming.  I could tell they had a natural connection to each other – she the motherly spirited protector of him. He trusted her and she led him out deep into the ocean – further than he’d ever gone before.  He held on to her and she was steady – constantly aware of his emotions and limits. As salty water splashed in his mouth and eyes, he looked to her for trust and found it.

They played all day on the sandy beach lined with palm trees.

“Mermaid, we’re coming to see you again soon!”

Kyshara - our Garifuna Mermaid

Kyshara - our Garifuna Mermaid

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