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Heading out of Dangriga

Dang to Dangriga

Dear Dangriga, It’s hard to write a letter like this, but we have to.  We tried to like you, we really did.  We normally see the good in a lot of places, but you did disappoint.  Perhaps we came with expectations. We were warned via our bus breaking down twice on the way to see […]

Our mermaid running back into the water

Our Garifuna Mermaid

We met a mermaid in Hopkins.  She had glorious black skin, truthful eyes and a playful nature.  She jumped in and out of the water effortlessly – like nature had intended her to do.  She danced in the ocean, splashing brilliant Caribbean water into the air. When she surfaced, the sparkles of water droplets beaded […]

Our Garifuna Gals

The Simple Pleasures of Hopkins

I am going to tell you about our time in Hopkins, despite what I said in my last post. We’re not sure what it was about this town that made it so special to us. Perhaps we were just on the same frequency or we were craving its authentic vibe, but something captured and held […]

Stop the Sopa Bill

This bowl of SOPA sucks!

Normally, we stay away from politics in public, but the current bill, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is detrimental to anyone using the internet. On January 24th, the US Senate will vote on this internet censorship bill.  This bill affects us all. If you use the internet…it affects you. SOPA Blackout Day This bill is […]

See, these are fun & flirtatious beach chairs

Sugar Beaches & Seaweed Shakes of Placencia

If a word can be spoken that evokes the essence of the thing or place it is describing, then the word “Placencia”, is it. The sound of the word is as beautiful and exotic as the place itself. Say it out loud and slow: Pla-cen-ci-a.  Gorgeous! We almost skipped stopping in Placencia. Guide books and […]

Main mode of transporation

Hearing the Silence in Punta Gorda on Christmas

The flight to Punta Gorda, or PG Town as they call it, took us over the rolling mountains, citrus fields and streams along the beautiful coastal area of Belize.  The little Cessna plane flew close to the ground, so we could really see the roll of the land and each individual citrus tree. Our flight […]