The Swanky Hotel and Pickled Ginger Transition

Costa Rica is not a country of quality.  The things that you buy here will likely break within a few months.  The construction, finishing touches and detail work is low quality at best. So, for our last 2 nights in Costa Rica we decided to treat ourselves to a nice hotel – beautiful furnishings, great service, and a clean and comfortable feel.  These are all things that are a rare find in Costa Rica.

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo for it’s proximity to the airport, but more importantly for the fun things to do within walking distance in the Santa Ana area.  Next door is a plaza full of delicious restaurants – sushi, thai, gelato and good pizza.  There are children play places, spas, cafes, and just about everything you want to entertain yourself.

We spoiled ourselves.

King Suite, Hotel Indigo Costa Rica

Our swanky hotel living room

We do find it ironic that we want to end our Costa Rican experience with something totally not Costa Rican.

So much of our Costa Rican experience was about having to do without, learning to live with less and like it.  It was a journey that started a little rough, but it has been a wonderful journey that has redefined us and our dreams.  Read about our journey in a future post coming on Nov 21st:  Living with Less & Spoiling Ourselves.

In the meantime, let me tell you how much we are enjoying staying at this swanky hotel.

Feels like Home

This hotel is our style.  It’s a cozy contemporary, just like our home in Colorado was.  It’s our comfort and visual beauty relief.  For the past 1 1/2 years we’ve been living in a comfortable home, but with ugly furniture and colorless, stained walls.  Nothing in our Atenas home was visually appealing to me.  It was old, Costa Rican old.  It smelled – no amount of vinegar would take away scent of old dampness.

We appreciated our home in Colorado.  It was a simple, minimalistic, very clean and comfortable place to be.  We took great care of it and enjoyed living there very much.  I do miss the feeling of it.

So here we are at the beautiful Hotel Indigo with 6 heavy suitcases sitting beside our King bed.  We are savoring the clean sheets, the air conditioning, the bug free rooms and the beautiful pool.

Just like Pickled Ginger

This experience is my pickled ginger.

PIckled Ginger Transition

My Pickled Ginger Transition (photo by Bryan Jones)

I love sushi. I crave it and would eat it everyday if my wallet allowed.  In a sushi experience, ginger is intended to be used after eating a sushi item to cleanse and prepare the palate for the next (different) item.   It’s a reset that allows a clean transition to the next flavor.

So, this swanky Hotel Indigo is our pickled ginger.  It is a cleansing of Costa Rica and a preparation for our new adventure.  Not to say that we need to cleanse ourselves of Costa Rica, but just like in sushi, we enjoy every piece for its beauty and flavor.  Then cleanse the palate to enjoy the next delicious but different piece.

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