Adventures in the Osa Peninsula

On our second day of adventure, Mario took us on a hike through the jungle, along the beach, and to a river where we were met by a gentleman in a canoe who took us across the river to his place. His name was Ricardo, an amazing man who has a personal sea turtle rescue mission.  He currently has over 700 turtle eggs buried and protected from predators. He lives on the beach in a little make-shift home surrounded by the jungle. Ricardo was very welcoming and made us some coffee and tea, along with some cookies. He would have made us some lunch as well but the lodge had packed us a lunch.    Ricardo’s place was decorated with the many finds that had washed up on the beach or in the river.  We hung out there for a while taking in the nature and beauty of the ocean.  The experience was very tranquil and peaceful, even with 5 kids running around and monkeys trying to get close to see what we were eating.  We also took a canoe ride with him exploring the Rio Claro River.  Rio Claro means Clear River, but it was not clear due to heavy rains throughout the night.  Ricardo was a wonderful guide and we were fortunate to have a sunny warm day to view the wildlife on the river.

Ricardo's home

Climbing 4 waterfalls with 5 children

A short way up the river we came to a series of naturally beautiful waterfalls.  We climbed to the top of the falls over rocks holding onto a rope, crossed logs laid down as bridges, waded through shallow pools, and scaled dirt walls holding onto roots and branches.  All this with the 5 kids (ages 8, 6, 3, 1 and 4 months)!  With the help of Ricardo and Mario, we were able to help the kids by holding hands and passing the little ones to each other along the way. Once near the top we enjoyed swimming in the refreshing pools and admiring the beauty that surrounded us.  The kids did great and they just loved it.  We felt as though Ricardo had taken us to his secret place.  He said he spends much time there just meditating and feeling the energy from the falls.  There were several highlights from our waterfall adventure:

  • Swimming underneath a huge rock to get to the other side of the waterfall (see the video below)
  • Jumping off of a rock and plummeting into a natural waterfall pool
  • Getting an awesome water massage sitting directly underneath the waterfall


Isla Cana – a no go 🙁

The last full day of our trip we were supposed to go to Isla Cana, the #2 best place in Costa Rica to go snorkeling and an island full of mysterious rock spheres left by the indigenous tribes. We were looking forward to a long day of floating in the water, chasing beautiful fish and listening underwater to the whale songs.  Instead…we got this:

Playing in the rain in the Osa Peninsula

Rain. Huge, downpour rain.

Rain, Rain, Rain: loud, all day long, downpour of rain. It was so fierce that a tree behind our cabin cracked in half.

We made the best of it and talked and played underneath the big rancho of the Punta Marenco Lodge.  The kids made up fun games to play, did magic tricks, colored and played in the rain.  Although we really wanted to go snorkeling, it was very nice to relax and talk and realize that our kids can make the best of any situation and really have fun with whatever is given to them.

That evening we packed all our damp and wet things to get ready for our early morning boat departure.  In the morning we covered ourselves in plastic trash bags to stay as dry as we could, loaded the boat and headed out to the ocean for our 1 1/2 hour boat ride back to Sierpe.  After 45 minutes of gripping onto a rope so that we wouldn’t be trashed around, we were glad to be back on the river.  The water was calm, the rain only a drizzle and we got to see some really cool crocodiles.

We truly enjoyed our visit to the Osa.

It was the Costa Rica we were looking for – very natural, peaceful, raw and wild!  We hope to return again some day.

The newest rain gear for the Kings

Thank you to the Pearce Family for accompanying us on this great adventure.  To read Brandon’s post about it, visit: Without internet in a Costa Rican Rainforest 

A video of our Osa Peninsula Trip

(courtesy of Brandon Pearce)

Pictures from our Osa Peninsula Adventure:

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