Rainy Day Fun in Atenas

It’s the rainy season and that means that nearly every afternoon…it’ll rain.  It’s no surprise.  After living here for nearly 1 1/2 years, it also doesn’t stop us from doing things outside.  We just pack the stroller with umbrellas and go forth.

Today, with grey storm clouds above us and a beautiful array of lightening in the distance, we headed out to walk to town to get some gelato at a new place that just opened up.  Mr. King is a huge ice-cream fan and the lack of options in our little town is defeating. 

La Gelateria

The new Gelateria transformed, what was once a dingy restaurant, into a colorful and fun place.  It’s location right off the central park is ideal.  We spent an hour sampling delicious gelato flavors, Oreo, coconut, chocolate and cheesecake.  Each small cup was on special for 500 colones (~$1 US).

The storm produced some of the loudest and longest rumbling thunder I have ever heard.  It is just Awesome.  When the rain had slowed from torrential to heavy drizzle, we headed to our next stop, Balcon del Cafe.

The view from Balcon del Cafe

Rainy Season in Atenas Costa Rica

Atenas is a small little town in Costa Rica that has become an ex-pat haven.  And Balcon del Cafe is one of those places where you can find expats to give you advice on what to do, where to go and how to get things done in this country.  Besides being a wonderfully social place, German expat Melanie and her crew do a fabulous job of freshly preparing a wonderful assortment of breakfast and lunch entrees.  Melanie also has fresh homemade bread, cakes, cookies, sausages and chutney for sale.


Chicken Empanadas at Balcon del Cafe, Atenas

We love coming to Balcon del Cafe for a little “cafecito”, a small coffee with a snack or desert.  My favorite snack is the Chicken Empanadas (850 colones ~ $1.70).  They are so deliciously chickeny on the inside with a buttery pastry on the outside.  This and a cafe con leche are just what we need for an afternoon pick me up.

Closing Time

Being a small little country town, everything closes up at 6 pm.  Everyone in Atenas goes home and enjoys the evening with their family.  And we did the same…baths and bed time for all.

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3 Responses to “Rainy Day Fun in Atenas”

  1. Rebeca September 28, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

    Sounds lovely! We hope to be down there at some point.

  2. Allison September 29, 2011 at 2:37 am #

    Don’t you just love the way the rain makes the colors more vibrant…. especially when there’s the smallest break in the clouds and a little ray of sunshine comes through… the green looks greener, the reds and pinks seem to just glow. I love me a Costa Rican rain/thunderstorm!


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